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Regular taps or showers deliver large amounts of water, often more than necessary for performing tasks like washing hands or bathing because of the high pressure on the waterlines, thus wasting water with every use, everyday ! Water saving devices – these are specially designed taps, showers or flushing systems to reduce water wastage by dispensing water at pre-defined flow rates with no compromise on the rinse ability. Existing plumbing fixtures can also be refitted with devices like water saving aerators & flow restrictors to save water.
It's a proven concept, green buildings across world adopts these practices. Based on different research its been concluded that homes with water saving devices use around 30% less water when compared to regular homes. These devices can help the environment by savingwater and your wallet by saving money.Water saving devices will reduce wastewater production and cost related to mange it as well.
On an average, water saving taps & showers could save upto 80% & 60% water respectively in comparison to the regular fixtures in our homes/offices (See how). An average home/office could reduce overall water usage by over 30% by switching to these water saving devices with no compromise on aesthetics. These devices also show your resolve towards water saving as a habit & continuously remind the user 'To be Water Wise' !

Water Saving Aerators

Aerator or Adaptor is an innovative water saving solutions for washbasin & sink taps or faucets. These aerators are designed to dispense water at defined flow rate (Say 2 to 8 Litres Per Minute) at any given water bar pressure at home/office with no sacrifice of rinsing ability & aesthetics. It reduces water wastage up to 80% and pays for itself in no time. These fixtures now in India can be bought easily online and installed on existing taps with aerator options at no time.. Learn More


GreenTaps (Water Efficient Taps)

Constructing new house or renovating existing washroom, then go for GreenTap confidently, because they save water and money. These are taps perform efficiently even with less water usage when compared to conventional fixtures. These taps compensate the water pressure and gives defined water flow rate. Therefore saving waterupto 80% & saving money. They come in flow rate 3 to 8 Litres per minute in different flow pattern and designs to suit individual taste. Learn More


Water Saving Shower

Conventional shower flow at 20 litres per minute(LPM) or more, whereas these new shower typically flow at 8 Litres per minute (or less!). Water efficient shower can help you save water upto 60% without any compromise on bath experience. They are designed ensures a consistent and powerful flow of water. Yes; reducing your shower time or opting for bucket are another options to save water. Learn More


Neo Flow Restrictors (NFR)

These devices limit the amount of water that is let out of aexisting shower, tap or other dispenser. Water pressure and the valve size of a tap typically determine how much water is emitted from a tap. Taps with high pressure tend to deliver large amounts of water, often more than is necessary for performing tasks like washing hands or bathing. Flow restrictor is designed to limit the passage to provide desired flow rate. They come in flow range of 6 to 8 LPM. Learn More


Tank Bank to Save on Toilet Flushing

Another easy to use product; which result in great savings. Toilets are biggest water guzzlers at home, they account to 25-30% of total water usage at home. An older toilet flush system can use as much as 10 to 15 Litres per flush. By placing tank bank(filled with water) inside flush tank we displace an amount of water equal to water in tank bank for every flush. Thus saving water on every flush. Simple fill, hang and save.. Learn More


WaterFree Urinal Pots

From years together on urinal pots to drain a waste we use precious resource like water, now this wastage could be stopped. Thanks to evolving technology in this area, were we have systems, which could do the same job efficiently without using a drop of water for flushing. At Office, an average urinal could waste 80 to 100 Litres of water everyday, thus wasting near 25000 litres in a year(250 working days). It makes both Environmental and Economical sense for a business house to adopt this concept. Learn More


Dual Flush Water Efficient Toilets

By installing a dual flush water efficient toilet you can save a lot of water. They are already very popular in many countries, but before you install them check the water-flushing rate of same, lesser the better. These toilets start with as low as 4 litres per flush system these days.As we older toilet flush system can use as much as 10 to 15 Litres per flush, these new one could result in saving of water upto 75%.

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